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  1. Aaron Tassin

    Super interesting and a concise list.

    I remember attending a voluntary presentation at the university library in my first semester of undergraduate studies. The school librarians demonstrated the (then) research process for finding helpful information for our papers. Back then, there was one standalone computer – a monochrome orange screen – students used to find research articles by subject or title. We would print out our list of articles– dot-matrix printer – and keep our fingers crossed the corresponding micro-fiche was filed correctly. I never found every article on my list 🙄. This presentation was the most valuable time I had ever spent in the university library!

    Fast forward to the present, our SJSU school librarians have been an invaluable resource to me – especially for INFO 200 and INFO 285. I have been sure to mention their assistance in the methodology sections of my research papers.

    I would say school librarians hold a dynamic role at the intersection of students, teachers, and libraries.

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