This…. this is what we do.

4 thoughts on “This…. this is what we do.

  1. Selina Valladolid

    I absolutely love this! Reminds me of a recent issue we had with a Link+ patron. We offer a service to borrow books from another library that participates in this program, and the fines are huge since we’re dealing with books that don’t belong to us. I had a woman come in recently that had lost a Link+ book in a house fire recently. She was fully willing to pay any fees, but we could tell how downtrodden she seemed. We reached out to the library who owned the book and they responded back the same day saying they would waive all the fines! I’m sure our patron was relieved when my supervisor reached out to her.

  2. Sandra Solache

    @michael This brings me joy that libraries impact people’s lives in minor ways to us, but it’s significant to those who come to the library. My job brings me so much delight to see patrons feel enlightened and excited to think that the library is a space where they feel welcomed, heard, and respected when seeking assistance. @sandsol

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