Hey all – I just finished grading all the plans submitted to Canvas. Thanks for your hard work! You will find grades and comments in Canvas.

If you have not turned yours in please do so as soon as you can. Fluid dates FTW! Reminder: everything must be in by the last day of class.

I am thrilled with your work so far! It’s interesting to me how many of you chose to focus on participatory services and humanist-type endeavors with technology playing a role. Well done!

For the Director’s brief, please read over the assignment page.

Featured image that is appropriate for thinking about the future: I have a Waterhouse print on canvas in my office. It’s called “The Crystal Ball.”

7 thoughts on “Planning!

  1. Sarah Miller

    @michael I am obsessed with this print. How can I steal that from you? 😉 Haha

    Again, thank you for such grace on the planning assignment, as well as the others. This month has been the most out-of-control of recent memory, so the flexibility could not come at a better time. I plan to have it in next week!

    1. Annie Papy

      @sarahnoel721 I’m completely with you! A crazy few weeks and I’m wrapping up both the planning assignment and my reflection today, but it was great to have some leeway on it. (Then to catch up on everyone else’s—I didn’t want to read them all until I’d done my own!)

    2. Michael Stephens Post author


      What’s interesting is the original had the skill painted over because it was deemed disturbing. It ha since been restored.

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