Wide Brown Land: Australia Travels

Hey all – I’ve mentioned my Australia travels a few times in comments, etc. I thought it might be interesting to record some details about my travels and what’s happening in Australian/Asia Pacific libraries. This is an optional presentation – perhaps it might inspire some of you for the Director’s Brief.

Watch the Panopto Lecture here.

Download Video Podcast

Download the slides here.


School of Information News Story on Stephens in Australia

State Library of Queensland | SLQ Digital Strategy | The Edge @ SLQ

CityLibraries Townsville

Ipswich Marketplace Presentation from APLIC18

Invercargill “Keeping Up with the Librarians” Presentation from APLIC18

Invercargill Twitter

USQ | The Hyperlinked Campus @ USQ

Also, just saw a Twitter conversation that pointed to this article about a remote library dropping Dewey to use local indigenous concepts instead.

5 thoughts on “Wide Brown Land: Australia Travels

  1. Susan Meagher

    Thank you for sharing this! So many great ideas: the market place (I really did think it was a bookstore), the Ivercargill marketing campaign, and the 5 word book review! That one had me laughing out loud, and I am unabashedly stealing it to implement it tomorrow.

  2. Donald

    Thank you for sharing about this incredible and action-packed trip Down Under! I loved the part about the robot assisting the library; it would be interesting to experience that service first hand.

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