Notes on the Virtual Symposium

Greetings all! For our last days of class, you will spend some time reflecting on all your work for the course. An artifact to represent that learning is what makes up the Virtual Symposium.

Virtual Symposium

To share your work for the semester, consider one or more of the following for the “virtual symposium” – be as creative as you’d like.

  • Utilize your blog, video, audio, slides, or any media-based online tool to create a 5 minute presentation about your learning and assignments. Highlight your work and your own critical thinking. Be creative!
  • Create a “Five in 5″video or audio presentation where you highlight five key takeaways in 5 minutes.
  • Challenge yourself with an “ignite” style talk: 15 slides in 5 minutes! (
  • For the Director’s Brief, record a short presentation that sums up your brief as though you are sending it to an admin team.
  • Highlight your top blog reflections in a “best of” post and synthesize your critical thinking over time.
  • Create any digital artifact that explores your learning and the Hyperlinked Library: a graphic of the model, an “info-graphic,” etc..
  • Think way outside the box and present your learning in your own unique way
  • Suggest something to Michael or the class not included here!


This posting will be published to your blog on the date specified. If you are using media, information on embeds can be found at

Note: In the interest of accessibility, please include a link to a script or notes if you make a video when you are ready to share it if possible.

This can be any creative thing you’d like to create. It can be anything! Let your imaginations play! It does not have to be a ton of work or another complete project – it’s a way to share your learning with the other members of our hyperlinked community. Imagine strolling around a beautiful space where each of you have created something the represents your takeaways or insights from #hyperlib – that’s what I am looking for.

Please comment with questions here. I can’t believe we are almost at the end!

8 thoughts on “Notes on the Virtual Symposium

  1. Laura

    Okay, so I’m almost done with my director’s brief and moving on to the virtual symposium. Would something like 5 note cards about what I’m taking away from this class be acceptable? I am also considering doing a presentation on my director’s brief since I love my subject so much. If I went into “presentation mode” on Canva and recorded it via Zoom, would this work?

      1. Laura

        @michael I’ve created a newspaper front page in which I’ve highlighted the posts from my blog that I’m most proud of and a snippet about each one. The article titles are hyperlinks to my blog posts. Is this in line with what you’re looking for?

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