Share Your Context Book URL Here!

Please share your report URL in a comment on this post and a “twitter-like” short sentence about your major takeaway. This makes it very easy for your colleagues to discover your work and make comments. I lam almost done grading them. Your work is excellent! NOTE: Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too […]

Your Blog Theme – Important Update

  Greetings all – We have had some issues with some blog themes not displaying comments. Our IT support folks tried looking at all the settings but saw nothing wrong. We discovered when we switched themes on the affected blogs, the commenting system worked. What has probably happened is the theme developer has not updated […]

Blogging Kudos & @michael

Afternoon yoga with Buddy

Greetings all – I finished reading all of your posts today. Thank you for your thoughtful reflections. For all of the blogging, please feel free to focus on whatever resource in the module most inspired you, or challenged you, or gave you that “aha” moment. Also please @michael me in your comments across this site […]

Reminder: Module Explanations

Hey all – I just want to remind you of the module breakdown. Do not feel you have to read through every “Thing to Explore.” Modules include the following sections: Things to Read The required readings explore topics you are expected to understand and incorporate into your assignments for all modules in the course. Things […]