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  • Sarah Hansen posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 week, 2 days ago

    My students and I are all obsessively following the current college admissions scandal. One asked me today if it makes him a bad person that hearing about this made him feel really good about himself wrt his own college admission. Everything about this is fascinating to me from the sense of entitlement to the name Operation Varsity Blues to the…[Read more]

    • @sarahtyler I am fascinated by the college admissions scandal as well. I know there are so many more things , many more important things to be watching on the news but I am – well, there’s not a better word, fascinated. The amount of money – it’s mind boggling to me.

    • I always wondered if I was a “bad” parent because I didn’t really care if my son went to a “good” college or even one at all. So many college graduates come out with huge debt and no clear cut path to employment. I always encouraged him to pursue a marketable skill. He went to a community college and got 2 associate degrees in hotel &…[Read more]

      • @lisasemenza, I’m not a parent so I try to avoid passing judgment positive or negative. The only thing I’m sure of is that there isn’t one ‘right’ way to do it. It sounds like you did right by your son, though.
        I worry a lot about my students facing pressure to get the best grades, be the best at all their activities, and get into the right…[Read more]

  • Peggy H posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 week, 4 days ago

    Just watched the Ted Talk by Pam Sandlian-Smith, did anyone else cry when she talked about the boy and the puppet show? I just found her presentation to be highly moving – of course, it could be that I am exhausted from losing an hour of sleep with day light savings!

  • Karah Iansito posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 week, 4 days ago

    So I’ve settled on my rewatch schedule for GoT for those that might be interested! I didn’t want to go way back, so I settled on starting on Season 5 Episode 8, which is, of course, Hardhome, and so SO good. I plan to watch straight through from there, and I’m thinking that should get me well into April, watching a few a week. There’s a New…[Read more]

    • @karah2019 Thanks for sharing. I started scrubbing through season 1 and 2… just FFing and watching key scenes. I think your starting point is a good one.

    • We are just about to start rewatching season 7. There’s was so much that happened there I can’t keep it straight! Then we will be ready to pick up when season 8 starts.

  • Angela Benford posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 month ago

    I am reading many a post on our various blogs, and am trying to come up with content for our Friends of the Public Library Facebook page – I often use articles and such, and I know that we are all posting public blogs here, but would anyone have issues if I picked some of your posts to share on the FAPL facebook page? There are just some really…[Read more]

    • @abenford I am all for this if anyone wants to share their work. One thought: after the semester ends, I have to wipe our site for the next class. All the blogs are erased (I have forthcoming directions on how to save all blog content to import into a new blog after we end). Perhaps if you share posts, you may want to grab the content instead of linking.

  • Karen Thompson posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I’m just sitting here drinking coffee working on my second Comp for my e-port. I just got back from a walk with my dog. It rained a little and since there was a break before the main storm arrives, we took the opportunity to get out. I love the smell after it rains…everything is so fresh. Have a good weekend everyone! Go Rams!

    • I too love a good rain! Unfortunately, even though we are supposed to be getting rain this week, it is going to fall on top of A LOT of snow and just make a mess 🙁 I wish our weather could pick a season and stick with it for a while. Go Rams!

    • I love rain too, but especially, sunshine and white puffy clouds after the rain. I finally got my first pair of rain boots (never needed them in LA) since I live in NC now.

      • @silvawhite apologies for my delayed response – how long ago did you live in LA? I am in LA now – have been here for about 8 years and now IT WAS RAINING TOO MUCH IN LA – I call my daughter “rainy day baby” as it was raining the day she was born in Dec 2 years ago and I swear it has rained more in LA since she was born then ever before – she is a…[Read more]

        • @futuregreta I lived in in LA up until 2016, for 25 years, but have visited every winter, except for this year. I was there in January 2 years ago and it did rain way more than usual, not so much last January, but this year too, it’s been constant from what my family tells me. Driving in the rain in LA can be especially stressful! You guys will…[Read more]

        • @futuregreta so funny–my baby was born 4 days after yours–but he is my dog-baby. Lil Sagittarius bebes! Anyway, same with the rain in San Francisco. I’ve lived here since ’06 and everyone would talk about the rainy winters and I was like….huh? what rainy winters?! until Winter 2017, when it was sooo rainy and everyone was concerned about their…[Read more]

  • Silva White posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Connection Cafe'Connection Cafe' 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I’m having my first cup of coffee of the week since I’ve been rejecting a lot of foods and drinks due to a stomach flu. What’s your favorite coffee or tea? My drink has been an “Americano” for the last decade!
    I love the big list of books to select for our context book assignment. I’m looking forward to having leisurely time to myself again and…[Read more]

    • @silvawhite Tea drinker here. My favorite is a good strong English Breakfast style tea, Last year in Australia, many of our hotels served a brand called T2 that I had veneer heard of before. At the mall in Toowoomba, Queensland there was a T2 shop so I brought some to come home. Now, I have found it on Amazon and at select specialty shops in…[Read more]

    • I love my coffee black except for when I want a cappuccino (but never sugar!). I do like flavored coffee as well. My favorite regular kind of flavor is French Vanilla but there is a little grocery store near me that sells a flavor called “Sticky Buns” which is my absolute favorite. A little cinnamon but that’s not the primary flavor. So good!…[Read more]

    • my favorite favorite is a not-too-sweet mocha made with actual real chocolate ganache. But that is a once-in-awhile treat. Otherwise, I like coffee with some almond milk (sometimes even homemade when I have time), sometimes even homemade chai *with* homemade almond milk…Earl Grey is amazing too. Hot drinks are great. Thanks for asking this…[Read more]

    • I have never been a tea or coffee drinker – although, if forced, I will brew a Bengal Spice (Celestial Seasonings -yay Colorado!) in apple juice.