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    I know that reboots can go awry, but I’m looking forward to some 90’s shows returning. I will definitely be checking out the return of Mad About You, Frasier, and Are You Afraid of the Dark (I know this one is a kid’s show, but I’m curious to know how it will be revamped).

  • Tiffany Song posted an update in the tribe Tribe logo of Break the Ice: Binge-WorthyBreak the Ice: Binge-Worthy 2 months ago

    I love anything green tea. In fact today, I went with my mother on a trip where she calls it ‘airing out Tiffany’….. (like laundry because I am a hermit crab of a human being) and I made the unfortunate decision of eating spicy food without bringing water or milk with. Having green tea flavored anything, but especially desserts, always helps…[Read more]

    • Hi Tiffany!
      If you love green tea, I think you will absolutely love the green tea crepe cake by Lady M Confections. I checked their website before replying to you because I didn’t want to recommend something that is out of reach, but I discovered there’s a location near you in Chicago 🙂

      • Hi Esther,

        Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful! I am a fan of crepe cakes so I’m glad they’re making them here. I ate some delicious ones in Japan once!

        That’s so kind of you to recommend that. I think I’ll have to make a visit soon! I’m so bad when it comes to sweets.

  • So the binge-worthy item I am mentioning is not media; it’s cheese! I went to Illinois for the first time last week for a wedding and during my stay I had the pleasure of trying pimento cheese for the first time. I am a fan! So much so, that I tried looking for the same brand of pimento cheese and read blogs about what store brand is the best.…[Read more]

    • Yum! 🧀

    • Yay! Sorry I’m a Illinois native so I always like hearing new things! I did not know about pimento cheese so that’s going to be something I’ll look out for. Wow! Thanks for the new discovery and best of luck to your cooking adventures! I’d love to hear how the recipe turned out.

  • I’m super into dark crime dramas and true crime, so I’ve recently been binging True Detective on HBO (I’m going to finish the final episode of the 1st season this week!) and the podcast My Favorite Murder.

  • I don’t know if I’ve been binging much lately since school started, but I do love to watch an episode of Queer Eye during lunch. That show is for sure binge-worthy. It is so wholesome and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and sometimes misty-eyed). Otherwise, I’ve also been watching the new season of Mindhunter, which is also very binge-worthy!

  • My husband got me hooked on Criminal Minds. I typically don’t watch crime shows but this one is really intriguing. I probably won’t be watching it much now that I’m back in school.

    • Oh my gooosh I love Criminal Minds! I’ve seen all the seasons on Netflix multiple times. It’s one of my “fall-asleep” shows, too. I haven’t really binged much since school started, either, though.

  • I recently devoured an entire season of Acquitted, a Norwegian mystery series…in one day. I tried battling the guilt by ironing most of my closet while watching. LOL! I’m also slightly obsessed with true-crime podcasts — they’re perfect to listen to while working.

  • The most binge-able things for me this year have been the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, and television shows such as The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Teen Titans, and Avatar the Last Airbender.

    • Those are amazing! I remember fondly reading the Scott Pilgrim novels and laughing over the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. They’re so creative. I seriously need to get into the Office and Game of Thrones though I have happily watched How I met your Mother, Teen Titans, and Avatar the Last Airbender. These shows are so so bingeworthy.

    • I just re-watched the Scott Pilgrim movie the other night, and it made me want to go back and re-read that whole series… (Knives, Kim, and Ramona are all great characters, and I loved how much more time we got with them in the graphic novels.)

  • I have devoured the entire second season of Mindhunter and currently trying to get through Better Call Saul since they just announced the Breaking Bad movie on Netflix. Whether these binges have been affecting my studies have yet to be determined. However, the Demon Slayer anime is quite good too if you are looking for something animated and…[Read more]

  • I am so excited about new Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance that will be premiering on August 30, only a few more days…It looks amazing. If you are under 40 you probably have no idea why I am so excited!

  • I’m currently re-reading Frank Herbert’s Dune series in preparation for the new film coming out at the end of next year. The books pull off some incredible universe-, society-, and character-building and lots of political and philosophical exploring. Highly recommended!

    • I remember reading that for a creative writing class! It was highly recommended by my teacher at the time and it was thought provoking. I’ll have to get back into it! I did not know they were doing a new film.

      • What a great book to read for a class! Where did you take the class and what was the lesson that involved the book? I remember struggling through the first few pages but it was soon worth it. Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) is directing the new movie!

        • I agree! I think that was for a high school course believe it or not. We were trying work on writing new genres and so the teacher thought we should be reading materials and watch clasisc movies of a similar genre. I got introduced to classics like Jaws, the original Friday the 13th, and the first Matrix movie. I think it’s well worth it when you…[Read more]

          • Yes! I loved the Silmarillion, but all of that dense lore was a bit of a sludge to get through. Worth it in the end though, especially what’s in it about Gandalf. Heart of Darkness and A Clockwork Orange gave me similar struggles with great payouts.

            • I know! I just wish it wasn’t for such a short time period. Books like those are the type you need to take the time to read through and I think it’s worth it once you give it the time it needs. My friends have recommended A Clockwork Orange as well and I know Heart of Darkness is a classic! I will look into reading those then! Thanks for the…[Read more]

  • I’ve only watched a few episodes, but Tuca & Bertie is my new obsession. It’s so funny! I’m sad that they’re not going to be continuing the show :S

    • Tori replied 2 months ago

      Tuca & Bertie is great! I was so surprised to hear it hadn’t been renewed–it’s like a beautiful combination of Broad City and Bojack Horseman, two well-loved shows that had/have multiple seasons. I think the animation style is full of little visual jokes that make re-watching rewarding, which is some comfort… :/

      • Hopefully it will get picked up by another network and we’ll get to have more of it!

        If you like the show, you should check out Lisa Hanawalt’s books My Dirty Dumb Eyes and Hot Dog Taste Test. I remember first finding her artwork through her visual reviews of movies that went viral on Twitter a number of years ago. The books are like sketchbooks…[Read more]

        • Tori replied 2 months ago

          Ooo I’ll definitely check those out! My favorite web comics are currently on hiatus, so I could definitely go for some fun visual storytelling away from my screen.

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