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    Since @savannahpolizzi has already mentioned the Fourth Wing series, I will mention something else for this exercise 🙂 Me and my friend recently binge-watched season 1 of Ted Lasso (TV show), which was actually very enjoyable! (We initially thought we’d watch one episode to test the waters, but then we ended up finishing the entirety of season 1 pretty quickly…)

    • Hi Donna! I’m delighted to see some love for Ted Lasso. I’ve been rewatching it again with some friends and it is just as fantastic as my first watch through. The character development is top notch throughout all three seasons and I find more details to chew on each time I watch. I read recently that the show/characters are loosely inspired by the Wizard of Oz. I’d recommend watching it with this lens in mind, it adds another layer to what is already an excellent story.

      • Hi Sabrina 🙂 I didn’t know that tidbit! I will keep it in mind as I go into season 2. The character development, like you said, is definitely top notch. They’re well written 🙂 I find myself changing my opinions and coming to different understanding for the characters with each new episode, can’t wait to see where I’ll stand come end of season 3!