Hello! I’m Emily . . .

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Mizokami and I am having finding this Master’s program challenging and exciting! I still can’t believe that just a year ago I had not even the slightest thought of returning to school, looking for internships, and dreaming of a completely different career. Well, any career really, as I have never had one. When you go so long without something, you truly cherish it when you get it back. I loved the academic world and I am so happy to be back!

I graduated college with a degree in politics from the University of California Santa Cruz in 1997, flailed around for a bit, and finally resigned myself to the chains of retail. I won’t name where I work or you will start to leave all the names of your favorite products in the comments. Let’s just say we have a playful nautical theme and are known for the best parking lots around!

Anywhose, a bad back is pushing me out of this job and I’ve decided to embrace my love of books, organization, and history and pursue a career in archives. I am a student assistant at the Center of Sacramento History and a first-year student in the MLIS program. I am hoping to push myself this semester and branch out more by adding various media to my blog posts this semester, such as videos and podcasts.

I have two ancient children, aged 23 and 20, and an extremely understanding husband who encourages me often to keep going and make this dream come true!

Here is a picture of me after discovering a series of little blue elephants along a beach trail near San Luis Obispo. There was no explanation, just a deliberate placement of little blue plastic elephants. Isn’t life wonderful and strange?

8 thoughts on “Hello! I’m Emily . . .”

  1. Howdy Emily!

    I, too, am a graduate of UCSC, though just back in 2021. I’m always excited to find another slug out and about . 🙂 My focus is mostly public librarianship, but archives has always been on my periphery as well. I’d be curious to hear about your experience with the Center for Sacramento History thus far. I grew up in the Central Valley and moved back after my studies, and I’m always excited to find surprising tid bits about its history.

  2. Hello @emmizo – glad to have you in class again! Thanks for sharing your background and goals – yay for archives! Please experiment as much as you would like with various media etc for your work in class.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

  3. Hi Emily,

    It’s nice to see we have a class together again! I enjoyed meeting and working with you in our very first group project last semester in INFO203. I hope you had a good break and I look forward to seeing you around!


  4. Hi Emily,

    Interesting post–I love that this degree brings together so many “non-traditional” students. I totally feel you about finding a career and being able to appreciate finally getting there. My family and I live in Santa Cruz. I grew up here and went to college in Santa Barbara, but my husband was at UCSC when you were, but in the Chemistry department : ). Good luck with everything and feel free to reach out!

  5. Hi Emily! It’s really great to meet you! I graduated around the same time but from San Francisco State. I love your blog because it was as if I was reading my own life! (except I have a 15 year old). 🙂 Christie

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