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Hi class!

My name is Sara and I have about one year left in the MLIS program. I’ve lived in the bay area my whole life, currently in San Jose, and work as a library assistant for the Santa Clara County Library District. I work in the children’s reference department and my goal is to become a children’s librarian. I’ve worked in public libraries for about 16 years in many different roles, both circulation and reference. I’m taking this class because I feel like I can learn a lot from it, and I’ve heard great things about it.

My hobbies include reading (currently Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson), playing board games (my favorite at the moment is Arkham Horror), and traveling to new places. I’ve been really into sci-fi lately and am binging all of the Stargate shows and movies. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and his dog, Buster, and my cat, Jack. I love animals and meeting a new doggo always makes my day. I’m looking forward to learning with you all this semester!


  1. Michael Stephens

    @smartinez Neat photo collage – yay for Buster and Jack! I appreciate your goal as well – please feel free to focus the assignments in our class on children etc if you want.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

  2. Laurel E.

    Hi Sara,
    My mom is a recently retired Children’s librarian who worked for 20+ years with Santa Clara County at Milpitas Library. What a small world this program is! Which library do you work at?

    • Sara Martinez

      Hi Laurel,
      Sorry I missed your comment! I currently work at the Gilroy Library. Before getting a permanent job there, I was a floater and worked at Cupertino, Campbell, and Morgan Hill for short periods of time. Milpitas is one of the libraries I haven’t worked in yet. That’s awesome, though! The library world is absolutely smaller than you would think.

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