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I am pleased to make your acquaintance as a fellow member of the Hyperlinked Library course! My name is Sabrina and I’m a second year MLIS student and current Library Support Staff employee with my local public library system in the Central Valley of California. My interests lie mainly in Public Librarianship, but I am still curious about other avenues like archives and special libraries.

As I gain more experience with library work and delve deeper into this program’s curriculum, I find myself ready and excited to take up arms for the library and discover new ways to connect with the communities I serve. I am a firm believer in the library as a third place and I plan to utilize my career to expand the definition of what a library means to its community, always rooting it as a place of connection: to information, to services, to each other.

When I’m not attempting to earn my librarian stripes, I am most likely to be found listening to or making music, meandering in nature, or frequenting my local karaoke night with my pals. I also enjoy spending my time reading, cuddling with two spunky house cats, and playing cozy games. I look forward to discussing the future of libraries with you all and chatting about anything else we happen upon!

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  1. @sabrinaschmier Super fun intro! Amen to the Third Place and to wherever the library may have presence. 😀

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

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