Reflection Blogging 1: Belonging to the Community with the Hyperlinked Library

The Hyperlinked Community:

What defines a sense of belonging to the community at the Hyperlinked Library?

Several key factors define a sense of belonging to the community at the Hyperlinked Library:

Firstly, inclusivity and diversity play a significant role. The community should embrace individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, fostering an environment where everyone feels accepted and valued.

Secondly, we can see that participation and engagement among community members are essential. Encouraging participation through various means, such as discussions, collaborative projects, and shared decision-making, empowers individuals and strengthens their sense of belonging.

Thirdly, the Hyperlinked Library emphasizes transparency and open communication. Community members should have access to information, discussions, and decision-making processes, making them feel informed and involved in the community’s affairs.

Furthermore, building connections and fostering relationships is crucial. Creating networking, mentorship, and collaboration spaces enables community members to establish meaningful connections with others who share similar interests, goals, or aspirations.

Additionally, the Hyperlinked Library should provide learning, growth, and personal development opportunities. Offering resources, workshops, and skill-building initiatives supports individuals in advancing their knowledge and expertise, enhancing their sense of belonging.

Lastly, recognition and appreciation are vital in fostering a sense of belonging. Celebrating achievements, acknowledging contributions, and expressing gratitude towards community members strengthens their connection and motivates continued engagement.

Nickolson explains, how, why, and when we belong to our community. We share, learn, and express our thoughts, voice, joy, and sadness for every season, and belonging to our groups brings out the best in all of us.

Nickolson, J. (2019, April 25). Belonging in the community. YouTube.

Block, P. (2009, July 22). Community: Structure of belonging 1/3. YouTube.

Block finds great use with words like “citizen” and “community.” He likes speaking about terms understood just as well by those who want to create belonging in any organization. The word “community” is belonging. A word that carries several significant meanings. We pick a place to live, and we belong to a specific area, and we define it as part of our lives, and we share part of the community with membership in a particular organization. We want to have a deep purpose in our present lives and to discover its uniqueness.

Block, Peter. (2008). Community: The Structure of Belonging. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, California



  1. Michael Stephens

    Frances – Nice essay! The emphasis on building connections and fostering relationships speaks to the heart of community-building within libraries.

    • Frances Morovat

      Wow, I am so speechless with only words to express my joy and happiness.

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