I would like to share my background with you, I am thrilled to highlight my educational achievements. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, with a focus on history and science. This interdisciplinary program allowed me to explore my passion for both subjects and deepen my understanding of their interconnectedness. Additionally, I earned two associate degrees—one in History and another in Liberal Arts with a specialization in Math and Science. These varied academic experiences have equipped me with a well-rounded knowledge base, enhanced critical thinking skills, and nurtured a profound appreciation for pursuing knowledge. I am excited to bring this diverse educational foundation to new challenges and endeavors, combining my love for history and passion for science to make valuable contributions to the world.

“The Hyperlinked Library.” Just like this innovative concept transforms the traditional library into a dynamic, interconnected space, I strive to bring creativity and adaptability to every aspect of my life. My journey as an individual is characterized by a constant thirst for knowledge and a passion for leveraging technology to foster meaningful connections. Just as the hyperlinked library embraces collaboration and new ideas, I believe in the power of collaboration and its limitless possibilities. With a strong foundation in my skills and a genuine enthusiasm for learning, I am excited to embark on new adventures and discover new horizons. Together, let us navigate the vast ocean of knowledge and create our own hyperlinked narrative that weaves together a tapestry of ideas and experiences.




  1. Michael Stephens

    @francesmorovat Well said about experiences! And collaboration.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

    • Frances Morovat

      Thank you, for the reply based on my educational experience.

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