The Hyperlinked Library

After reading the materials from the Hyperlinked Library module, I finally feel that I have a grasp on what the concept really means. Hyperlinked libraries are “hyperlinked”: they are managed and operated in ways that are non-sequential and non-hierarchical. They are also hyper-linked: they are “excessively” connected, with each part of “the library” (its people and services) connected to many things both inside and outside of the library. Operating in this way makes the library more connected to (and aware of) its community and makes it more flexible and responsive to the current and future desires of its community.

David Hicks, Thoughts on the Hyperlinked Library

I can’t help but return to my early thoughts on the Hyperlinked Library. It really felt special when the terminology “clicked” in my head. The layers of meaning in the term really struck me in a way I was not expecting. The term emphasizes that the library is not a building and it is not just books. The library is a point with connections radiating off of it in all directions, but inside, there is a web of connections as well.

In each of my blog posts, I tried to pull a quote that summed up the experience for me. Click the small images to follow my review!