Reflection 1 – The Heart of the Matter

In chapter 1 of Michael’s book, two items on page 2 stuck out to me: that the library is everywhere, and that we need to reach all users, not just the ones that come through the physical doors (2016). This is the heart of the Hyperlinked Library model. To focus on the heart is to be “a good, innovative librarian … taking a humanistic stance toward policy, decision-making, and experimentation,” (Stephens, 2016, p. 6).

In Stephen’s book, he asks “What can you do to encourage the heart of your library users?” (2016, p. 5).

There is a wonderful quote I return to again and again: in The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch writes, “There is more than one way to measure profits and losses. On every level institutions can and should have a heart” (Stephens, 2016, p. 26).

I read The Last Lecture years ago, but being reminded of it and reading this quote made me tear up a little. Empathy, in life as much as in librarianship, is necessary to move us along.

It’s 2023, and like it or not, “technology is part of our lives,” (Stephens, 2016, p. 25). How do we connect the heart of librarianship to technology? How do we use tech to make a difference? Being able to tour the Dokk1 library in Aarhus, Denmark, is one of the coolest library-related things I’ve done recently. It’s amazing to see what other librarians are doing with their time, space, and compassion. Librarians are looking at what users want and creating programs around that, instead of what they think would benefit the library. (My partner was amused at how excited I was to be able to virtually tour such a cool library that’s so far from home!)

“The attitudes of reflective action … include open-mindedness, responsibility, and wholeheartedness” (Stephens, 2016, p.28).

We should challenge ourselves to view things from others’ perspectives, see what will help those around us, not just ourselves, and put our entire effort into the cause.


Stephens, M. (2016). Heart of librarianship: Attentive, positive, and purposeful change. AMER LIBRARY Association.

4 thoughts on “Reflection 1 – The Heart of the Matter”

  1. Dang, Paige…that is good. I am honestly impressed with your reflection. I hope that my reflection will be just as good as yours when I post it later.

    Take care,


  2. @wallacepaige99 Thanks for this. A few years ago, I did a talk on many of the topics you pulled out of the readings that consisted of a series of slides all with song titles, and one of them was heart of the matter which is an absolutely amazing Don Henley song. I know for sure are you stop dragging my heart around. I will look for that.

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