*flexing in the mirror*: Participation Blog 2 for Reflective Practice and the Hyperlinked Library Course

I’ve felt for most of my adult life(1) to have been only marginally capable of reflective practice, main exhibits being how fast and loose I’ve always played with my interpersonal relationships, choice of cooking methods(2), and how throughout my(3) grad career I don’t make the kind of effort I’ve seen in my cohort to write like a professional. And to be as honest as I dare(4), reflecting on certain aspects of what I’ve absorbed in this Hyperlinked Library course makes me uncomfortable.

The one that still weighs most heavily begins with how I generally have no patience for people who can’t ‘get with the program’, or won’t help themselves to resources that’re readily available. Thus, I had to reread some of the user-experience articles because the first time around I got annoyed with why people need things made dirt-easy(5) for them before even feeling like they can buy in. This sentiment most likely grew from my experiences as an immigrant, and in equal(6) measure of being my family’s daughter, in that we were taught that if we couldn’t bring ourselves to ‘pick something up’(7) then we shouldn’t talk about those missed opportunities as ‘lost advantages’. However, after realizing all the reading after Module 5- Hyperlinked Communities would always put my thoughts and analyses back to those very articles, those ideas that demand consideration of inclusion(8), my mind’s definitely been spinning at a different axis now.

As whatever information science professional I’ll choose to become(9), I must understand that it’s never about me or how hard I feel people must demonstrate their earnestness to participate in programs my organization(s) have to offer, but each person’s comfort level(10) to step outside themselves for something new. A classmate from another course had expressed that, though, she found my infographic on a career in taxonomy bracing, she was hesitant to dive in herself because the skills required weren’t in her ‘wheelhouse’. I look forward to the day I can return an answer that’s both compassionate and informative.




(1)- debatable if I am one yet, considering I comport myself as if I’m not much older then 12 years old

(2)- does anyone else like to pour a cold one before dicing a mirepoix?

(3)- admittedly, not yet considerable

(4)- because this INFO 287 blog isn’t a ‘Dear Abby’ column

(5)- when the bar is set at its lowest

(6)- if not larger

(7)- literal translation from Cantonese when referencing taking on opportunities we identify as available

(8)- and not just making the tech and programs physically approachable, but to also school people in all levels of society to be mindful of each other’s differences that can get in the way of their adopting/picking up these opportunities

(9)- special librarian or taxonomist

(10)- no doubt defined by multiple layers of history, personality, diet, life situations, etc.

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  1. Thank you for once again not “writing like a professional”, your blog posts have been some of my favorites all semester long. I appreciate your humor, candor, and all of the layers you put into your writing.

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