The Power of Stories: Director’s Brief

Collective trauma can bring entire societies to their knees, blind them to possibilities, especially their own potentials. Libraries can help heal this by bringing communities together to mourn and, most importantly, celebrate those blessings that do come along the way.

Here is my Director’s Brief (presentation on Canva with graphics and hyperlinks) to that end.


  1. This is a wonderful and very moving idea–and something that could benefit so many of us. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Hi Vida,
    I was truly inspired by your Director’s Brief. I think that libraries can become a healing space and safe space for many. By utilizing this space and address collective trauma can be life changing for some whose communities still stigmatize mental health. Great job!

    1. This was my sincere hope, because I like feeling supported before I put more trust in a space in which I can learn and further develop myself. =D

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