(*cue ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’*): Reflecting -Blog 4- on New Horizons

This module excited me so much I’m speechless. It was one article after another about technologies I’d become familiar with through science fiction television and the Discovery Channel during my grade school years that are enriching lives in ways that bring all kinds to the table to participate in modern society.

Halliday’s (2015) article on the Prado Museum using 3D printing to let the blind experience visual art, first of all, is such an elegant pathway to inclusivity. I’d like, myself, to visit and ‘see’ how I can experience the Prado Mona Lisa, as it’s a copy of another copy by da Vinci’s workshop. This endeavor begs the question, though, of which technology could be used to help the deaf ‘hear’ music. If it’s a specific implant, to bypass physical damage into the inner ear, then I’ve no doubt it’ll be produced on a 3D printer using some sort of bio-material.

I laughed pretty hard during Kelly’s (2018) narrations on ‘growing up with Alexa’, because my own child is so used to Google Home that we can be anywhere else outside and this seven-year old will still turn their head and begin with ‘Hey, Google…’ every time they need an answer to something. I’m pretty wedded to it myself; yesterday, in my parents’ house I got confused when a part of me was like, ‘no, your Google Home isn’t here so stop looking for it.’ That’s the crux of the Internet of Things, though, is once we’re used to being connected to information gathered by other gadgets we expect to be able to access it everywhere.

The HoloLens 2 AR Headset video made me envious of those demonstrating it, because ever since that internet surfing episode in Futurama (‘A Bicyclops Built For Two’) I’d cherished the dream of putting on a rig and skating my way through whatever landscape someone had spent hours to render for anyone to explore. And to accomplish so much with visuals in 3-dimensions(!). I can see myself running a library by having the entire building at my fingertips, with just a snap of my fingers gaining access to our databases, even inventories of office and bathroom supplies, possibly foot traffic numbers accessed by calendar through any of the collections, the moisture in the air even.

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