Hello everyone! I wanted to share my 5 on 5 – the key takeaways that I got from the modules thus far. These are supplemented by my reflections.

Please let me know if you see them – I’m using voicethread to do it. Unfortunately I am not sure as to how to create a transcript on this.



Password: RJ92seokjin

Username or email is tiffansong42@gmail.com

If that link doesn’t work:

Here’s another:


4 Comments on Virtual Symposium – 5 on 5

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    When I click on the link it takes me to Voicethread Sign-in page? Can you upload it to another platform maybe?

  2. Got it! Looks great and I appreciated all our commenting back and forth across the semester…so great that we can learn these ideas together 🙂

    • Ha! Nothing is wrong, it was a user error 🙂 Great presentation and wonderful to hear your voice. I haven’t heard of this technology before and now that I know how to use it, I am intrigued!

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