Hi everyone! This is an expansion from my profile introduction. I wanted to share a few more photos on the blog portion. I’ll share things I didn’t share in our tribe posts.

My name is Tiffany Song. This is actually my first time taking a seminar course in the graduate school setting. The main reason why I chose this course was due to advice from my mother who has worked in the reference and information services. I have also worked in public libraries

I come into this course with no clue what will happen but I think that’s really part of the excitement. I am particularly interested in public libraries and I hope to improve my technology skills which are lacking despite me being told that I should be better simply for my age. I began working in public libraries just around 10 years ago and only gave it thought a year after I completed my undergraduate.

My experience with technology: (or rather my lack of it) has helped endear me to the older patrons who visit the library I work. I often times wish to toss my computer out the window ‘caveman’ style. Yet somehow I was able to teach someone Microsoft so I think I’m getting there. I do however not know how to operate a coffee machine and have been asked to do so. I think it’s because I drink tea more. I’ll have to learn one day since people ask about it. Hope to learn more tips on that in the future.

Some more information about me:

My family is from Taiwan so I often travel back and forth between Taiwan. I’ve gotten quite used to 17-20 hour flights. Japan often becomes a stop on our way to Taiwan and it’s quite a lot of fun. I have been to Korea and China as well. I did do a study abroad back in 2014 to Beijing and I still don’t regret making that decision. I think it’s incredibly powerful to take a journey to another country where you may be unfamiliar. I was able to travel to Europe itself through a cruise that took us to Northern Europe, Russia, and England in 2015.

I love to collect things: lava lamps, snow globes, BT21, watercolor paintings, and anything shiny. Personally, I’m a huge fan of watercolor painting, glass artwork, and surrealism. I am also a foodie: I love taking photos of my food to keep as memories and discuss new places to eat.

Here’s a statue I found in China probably between 2013-2014. Quite some time ago but I cherish it as elephants are my favorite animals.

a lovely morning with an elephant
Here I am at Universal Studios in Orlando in December 2018!

I am a fan of Transformers and Spiderman so I challenged myself to ride the popular 4D rides which scared me in the past. Taking these little steps whether in professional life or in my free time can be encouraging for me to move outside my comforts.