3-2-1…Go! (A Virtual Symposium 3-2-1 Report)

December 6, 2019

For my virtual symposium contribution, I decided to give Prezi a try. I’d heard of the tool as an undergrad, but always stuck to traditional PowerPoints because the snazzy zooming features and less-rigid layouts kind of overwhelmed me.

My Prezi presentation doesn’t have narration, but I embedded a couple videos from YouTube (which hopefully play when you click through). I also couldn’t get the formatting of my References section to look how I wanted, so I’ve pasted my original version at the end of this post. It’s broken up into references for each Topic “slide” within the presentation.

Here’s to trying new things! I hope to carry this enthusiasm with me beyond the course–to my final semester in this MLIS program, and on all the learning adventures that will surely follow. …Here we go!

My 3-2-1 Report.

References (by Topic):



The Four-Space Model:


23 Things:

Infinite Learning and PLEs:

6 Responses to “3-2-1…Go! (A Virtual Symposium 3-2-1 Report)”

  1. Kristin Emmons said

    Hey go you for trying new things! The videos totally worked, by the way. 🙂 I liked your list for your PLN too. Lots of good ideas, some which made me go “oh, yeah, I should do that!”

  2. Sarah Ayers said

    OMG, I’m a reference! That’s too cool 😀

    Great presentation too. I liked that you included videos in it too, I’m going to have to play around more with Prezi in future. I loved that you found an Adventure Time song to fit in. The Dokk1 library is such a fascinating case study of an amazing community space. It will be interesting to see how it influences other library spaces around the world. It makes me consider what makes up a meaningful community space and how to make that happen.

    • Tori said

      Thank you for commenting! I tend to be a bit of a lurker (the “curious introvert” type identified in the narrative inquiry study Professor Stephens discussed in his lecture for the Professional Learning Experiences option of the Infinite Learning module)…but I really found your discussion of how the Cameron Library space blended the different aspects of the four space model to be eye-opening for my personal understanding of it, and wanted to be sure I acknowledged that. 🙂

  3. Christine Barone said

    Hi Tori,

    Loved the Prezi! I too feel as if there is so much more I could explore with 23 things model.

  4. Esther said

    Great job Tori! I’m glad you were emboldened to try something new! The Prezi looks great and you’ve acquired a new skill to boot! Thanks for sharing your ideas for how to seize more learning opportunities; I know I can apply several on your list myself.

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