Director’s Brief: Building Palaces with The Model Programme

November 21, 2019

For my director’s brief, I focused on The Model Programme. This Danish approach to optimizing how library space is used represents a hyperlinked mindset, which I saw as the embodiment of social infrastructure as discussed by Eric Klinenberg. I don’t currently work in a library, so I made the case for applying this trend to U.S. libraries more generally.

One Response to “Director’s Brief: Building Palaces with The Model Programme”

  1. Christie Hwang said

    Hi Tori,

    Thank you for sharing a great brief on the Model Programme. I had never heard about “self-serviced” libraries and I am glad to learn that some libraries in the United States are moving to adopt this model. Newer technologies such as RFID tags and security cameras have allowed libraries to rely more on technology and less on staff. Libraries exist to serve the community and trusting patrons to share and use the space and information should be the idea to move towards.
    I would love to see more self-serviced libraries in the future to show patrons that this is more than a physical space but it is the gateway to learning, engagement and creativity.

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