August 25, 2019

Hi, everyone!

My name’s Tori (pronouns she/her), and I work and live in the greater Los Angeles area. I’ve been working full time while pursuing my MLIS, and it’s exciting to finally see the end in sight: I’m in my penultimate semester!

I chose this course because I frequently feel overwhelmed and confused by technology, but I recognize that it is a fundamental part of engaging with our modern world (and being a successful librarian or information professional). Even if I didn’t need to fulfill Competency H, I think I would force myself to take a course that addressed current and emerging information and communication technologies.

I’m interested in how the LIS world is engaging with technology, and the ways that what we study can be useful in organizations other than libraries (as well as our personal lives). I’m also interested in public librarianship and the way that libraries can serve young people.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself to be more engaged in a virtual environment this semester, and learning with and from everyone else in this course!

I’m still getting my footing on this site, but I am moderately familiar with WordPress so I’ve updated my cover photo and profile photo. I chose a pretty view from a hike I went on earlier this year (a kind of intimidating winding trail rolling out over a big hill) and a picture of me looking slightly bemused–both accurate reflections of how I feel at the start of every semester.

Another view from that same hike. There had recently been some major fires in the area, so there’s a mix of charred reminders and fresh new growth.

One Response to “Introduction”

  1. I so enjoy long walks and the pictures you shared look amazing. I think I would feel a bit intimidated too up on the top of the hills like that. I appreciate your approach to learning about technology and hope you find inspiration here. Welcome to #hyperlib!

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