I labored for a long time about what I would do for this project. How does one even begin to narrow down the many ideas covered in this semester? Finally, I landed on the idea of people as the center of library service. That’s why I’m here, so let me take a crack at narrowing that down. I see three main branches to that idea. 1. Make the library space safe and inviting. 2. Make people part of the library by sharing their actual stories. 3. Make libraries a place of not just inquiry but also action through makerspaces and other creative opportunities.

So, with these ideas in mind, I set about making an infographic to convey these things. I’ve made one with hyperlinks throughout that have links to some of the incredible reading we did this semester. There are also links to additional gems I think are worth looking at.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester! I’ve appreciated your thoughtful comments and feedback. I’ve also really enjoyed many of the blog posts I was able to read. This is a class of exciting and interesting people and I am glad to have been a small part of it.

Check out my infographic at the link below for a better image and access to the hyperlinks:–infographic

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Great job on the infographic! I was really fascinated by the article you linked to on Culinary Literacy.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much! I had fun making it! The culinary literacy topic was one I could have linked a hundred great articles to. (Not literally) It is a fascinating idea and I just love all the many things libraries are doing with the concept! I hope this becomes a trend I see with my local libraries.

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