As the semester comes to a close, a few last thoughts…

Among the readings for the Reflection module,  Michael Stephens’ two blog posts, “Librarian superpowers” and “Librarian superpowers activate!” caught my attention and stood out from the rest. In “Librarian superpowers” Stephens discusses a library conference held in Aarhus, Denmark that was devoted to the reenvisioning and reinterpreting of the role of the librarian in the […]

Director’s brief: The permanent adoption of temporary makerspaces

I had a great deal of fun with this. For this brief I decided to look at the practicalities of using temporary makerspaces as a way for small, academic libraries to still manage to engage with their student community, despite having limited funds and space.!Aq6CTYojEuYyiwRlgcY099twY9hC?e=k9IspA

We need to talk more, enough with all this shhhh!

I have only attended one Professional Development day and that was earlier this year. From the half dozen lectures and events throughout the two days, there was one common theme throughout, a one (or two person) presentation with little to no audience participation, aside from the time near the end of the demonstration devoted for […]

Gamifying games: an academic library’s approach to embracing fun to encourage the future success of our students

Goals/Objectives for Technology or Service: Books are awesome, but they are no longer the dominant focus of the library; let’s be honest, were they ever really? After reading Joe Hardenbrook’s short blog (2019) about an academic library’s success in creating a food pantry for students, I was inspired to find other areas of student life […]

It’s nothing new, social media has always been a big deal

How new is social media? Given the definition provided by Merriam-Webster, “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content” (2019), one could justly assume that social media is a fairly new concept relying solely on the […]

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