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Greetings! I am Adam and I am from Abingdon, Virginia, a small town that is caught between wanting to preserve it’s historicity yet expand with the growing trends and development of nearby cities. With the heavy influence of history, primarily the Revolutionary and Civil wars, that dominate the interests of the majority, it is of no surprise that I majored in History as an undergrad, before making my way to library science. I was raised and encouraged in my interests of history and book reading and spent most of my time in the library.

My hobbies include writing, currently an historical-fiction novel about a German soldier and his friends during the Second World War, as well as poetry when inspiration strikes. I also enjoy bird watching and spent several years of extensive field research with my younger brother (“real life” got in the way and we have since stopped). I also have an extensive collection of primarily Star Wars memorabilia but have expanded to include Marvel items and Anime (we all have that one, or several, quirky things we enjoy).

Currently I am employed at a small, private college, Emory and Henry, and just this week received my five year recognition pin! It has been an enjoyable experience and is the very reason I find myself in iSchool. I work as a Tech Service and Circulation Assistant and, with the change in Director and also a new Tech Service Supervisor, I have been able to get experience in many areas of the library’s services. I am currently working with a fellow librarian in trying to gamify strategic planning in the library. I can now attest to how difficult and time consuming it can be to make a game, but the participation we have seen so far, and the more open communication has been, has been worth it.

This is my second year at SJSU, I just finished up my Summer courses and am excited for this semester. While my focus so far has been the duties of Reference and Collection Development librarians, it would be a mistake not to take a course addressing the ever-changing nature of the library, and information. I am hopeful that this class will present new ways to provide library service and that I will find myself using these new techniques at my own place of work.

I look forward to this class and wish everyone the best.

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    1. Hi @Michael– If the opportunity presents itself I would be happy to write on the results of this attempt at gamification. I will certainly post some photos of what we have come up with so far. We have currently stalled in our creative brainstorming and are struggling with making a game focused on the Mission, Value, Vision statements.

        1. @michael Wow! has the time flown! I thought I would take a moment to update you on how our Strategic Planning games went:

          They were a huge success! The director loved them and even made her own brainstorming game for one of our meetings.
          We created a trivial pursuit, a SWOT brainstorm activity, a role-playing game, and then, because of the success from our first brainstorming game, we created another, similar one.

          I have to say, ever since we started playing games in the library (even for serious purposes such as strategic planning) there have been a number of barriers broken down among co-workers. A group that already got along with each other, is now more actively engaging in programming, collaboration, idea sharing, and fun.

          I could never have imagined a few, makeshift games could encourage as much participation and welcomed communication as they have.

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