I was introduced to this Powtoon tool when I began working on my Virtual Symposium assignment. Generally, I would go with a PowerPoint or Piktochart route but I wanted to try something new. My fear going into this was that I would waste a lot of time trying to learn the application and spare time is not something I have just lying around the house (mismatched socks on the other hand – TONS!) I found myself pleasantly surprised to find Powtoon so fun and easy to use! I was off and running in very little time. I highly recommend this application if you need a visualization tool in the future. You could use it for just about anything…class assignments, work presentations, your cat’s birthday party, it’s very flexible!

This is a tool that could be shared in a library classroom setting because it is a simple application for users grasp and would not require much instruction time. Users with decent knowledge about PowerPoint type software would do well. Plus, it has a free option…which I used…because let’s face it, I’m cheap and iced caramel macchiatos take precedence…sorry!

In all seriousness, I could see this as a fun Saturday morning class for visitors of all ages. You could make a fun video presentation for Mother’s Day or use it to make quick training video for your YouTube channel, small business owners could use it to showcase product for their social media platforms, etc., etc., etc., you get the picture!

Bottom line, I like it!

Check it out and become a believer: https://www.powtoon.com/my-powtoons/?#/

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