Virtual Symposium Presentation

I decided to create a memoir for the Virtual Symposium. I talked about some key takeaways I got from the course and revisited some of my assignments and reflection posts.

2 comments on “Virtual Symposium Presentation

  1. Sarah Ayers says:

    It’s true, I rarely use my iPhone to actually phone someone. Instead I end up using one of many different apps to text or message others. Just the other day my Mom asked me why I didn’t just phone my brother instead of texting back and forth for so long. Asynchronous conversations over messaging has really changed how we communicate and actually talking over the phone seems like such an imposition on someone else’s time.

  2. Sharon Vigil says:

    @joanoflocks My husband is one of the few people I know who actually talks on the phone a lot and he is always asking why I don’t call instead of texting. Personally, I like being in control of my time and getting trapped on the phone is definitely an imposition!

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