Director’s Brief: The beginning of Artificial Intelligence in our libraries

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Technology was created to make our lives easier. Artificial Intelligence is still in the beginning stages of becoming a part of our everyday lives. Companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google have contributed by creating their very own AI technology that sixty percent of the world uses. As more smart devices enter the market, our department stores, hotels, museums and libraries, that can only make life better, right? Come along with me as I introduce you to Artificial Intelligence and how it can have a positive impact in our libraries…   


7 thoughts on “Director’s Brief: The beginning of Artificial Intelligence in our libraries

  1. deanau says:

    Hi @stratxan23 I really enjoyed your directors brief. I thought you did a great job making a solid case for how robots/AI can be used in libraries. You make the whole idea approachable, realistic, and comfortable. Your implementation section was exceptional. Nice job! 😀

  2. Ye Zhai says:

    I really like your brief Stratos! To be honest, I think AI will do a much better job in locating resources accurately and quickly. Algorithm may even improve efficiency by offering customized library services to different people – just like what it has been doing for E-commerce. As you mentioned, this will free library staff to do more sophisticated work and I believe it will allow us more time for more personal connection. Looking forward to that!

  3. Stratos Xanthus says:

    Hi @yezhai2020, I agree with you 100%. Library staff are always busy so if they allocate some of that work to AI, they will have time for tasks they never get to complete! I can’t wait for it either.

  4. Laura says:

    Wow @stratxan23! What an amazing concept! I especially love how your bot concept showed up in @dyerariel‘s CYOA post. I can actually see how AI and bots could be used in libraries to direct patrons to books, service desks, etc. We have an Ask Here desk at my library but oftentimes, the staff members are busy doing other things that a bot couldn’t do. The bot would free up a lot of staff time to be of more assistance to the more in-depth questions and functions. Such a really cool and futuristic concept though I don’t think it’s too far off. I mean, I’m so tempted to program my Google Home to answer basic questions at the reference desk!

  5. Stratos Xanthus says:

    Hi @librarianlaura, that’s awesome! Yeah, I’m not one for working 24/7, but I do believe if there are tasks that librarians can’t get to, this is one possible way to help the progress of projects. I think I said this once, but AI is not meant to take librarian’s jobs. It’s meant to enhance and be of service to us.

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