Reflective Practice

The lecture for this topic was short but there was a lot of content packed into it. What stuck with me about reflective practice was owning your actions and considering in hindsight how you could have done something better. I think we all do this in some way or other whether in life or at work, even if it is just thinking of a good comeback in the middle of the night, 8 hours after the conversation happened.

I love the concept of taking care discussed in the reflective practice lecture and how libraries are taking the responsibility of providing ways to improve lives not just with knowledge, but also focusing on mental health. I also enjoyed Professor Stephens’ Wholehearted Librarian. As an animal lover, I really connected with it and found it both inspiring and heartbreaking. I admire his bravery in caring for an animal towards the end of its life. I have always thought I would rescue a dog when I was in the right place in my life. However, a couple of years ago I lived with a woman who had a rescue dog who suddenly turned on her, and she was very badly hurt, both physically and mentally. I won’t go into details- her injuries have healed now. However, since then I changed my tune about getting one myself because I am admittedly afraid- but I fully commend and applaud everyone who takes the step to make a homeless dog’s life better.

On a lighter note of the same topic of compassion, today marked the day our puppy was fully vaccinated and able to go outside! The pure joy I saw in her little body makes my heart happy.

Olive approves of the outdoors

My favorite part of the Hyperlinked Library course has been the concept of playful learning. I believe this is incredibly important not just for children, but for adults. I can attest to the fact that if you learn something in a playful way, it just sticks with you longer and you get more out of it. On this subject of participatory service, all of my favorite library examples were participatory services. I love that the Hyperlinked Library is all about embracing creativity and giving space to grow and learn and thrive.

Overall, I loved this course. The content has been interesting, and even the assignments have been fun and useful. The most fascinating part I think for me has been all the examples of what other resourceful librarians have been doing. I was regularly blown away by what people come up with when they have small budgets and time constraints. The sheer resourcefulness within the library community is inspiring.

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