Reflection on Learning Everywhere

My favorite thing about this class is seeing all the creative and interesting things libraries around the world are doing. This week I was intrigued by the articles about the Idea Box and the sensory space. I like the Idea Box because it is a blank slate that allows for so many different activities and displays and can constantly be changed and updated if it is unsuccessful or a new technology or idea emerges. I admire the sensory space as well and think it would be nice if all libraries could afford such a space! Providing spaces that are inclusive from a young age has the potential to impact both children and parents.

The lecture on learning everywhere reminded me of how much we all take advantage and for granted our easy access to information online. With the world looking a little different with COVID-19 having forced us to stay in our homes, I decided that I wanted to finally plant a garden now that I live somewhere with a yard (stemming from wanting to be more self-sufficient and hone skills so I can later have a mini homestead operation).

I began by locating a blog that had instructions for how to make cheap garden beds. Once we acquired the supplies, we used their instructions to create garden beds on the cheap.

Garden beds
Bush Beans!

We did research on plants that can be planted and when, planted all our seeds, and then discovered that the neighborhood cats were digging up our newly planted seeds. This led us to another search for how to block the cats out-which resulted in pvc pipe arches and bird netting. This is an example of how we expect to find all the information we need easily and quickly online, and then transforming that into a learning experience outside, from building the beds with only a loose idea of what we were doing, learning from mistakes with planting locations, proximity to certain plants, etc. This is also an example of learner’s experience. Seeing seedlings pop up has been exceedingly satisfying and fun and it has inspired a whole host of ideas for more planting ideas like vertical gardening, homemade herb pots made from fence post scraps and the like.

Bonus photo: Olive is now 4 months old
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2 thoughts on “Reflection on Learning Everywhere

  1. Olive! ❤️💜🐕🐶

  2. Love the garden and Olive!

    I have taken advantage of this time to garden as well. I have never had much of a green thumb but I did find this guy in Australia that has a YouTube channel and his videos have been very helpful! I have not one, but two avocado trees sprouting now. It will be 10-15 years before I get any avocados but still exciting haha!

    Self Sufficient Me –

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