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Hi everyone! My name is Stephany and I live in the Sacramento area. I received my B.A. in English from U.C. Irvine about 6 years ago. Once I graduated I was at a loss for what I wanted to do post-grad until I got a job as an on-call Library Assistant at a public library. I’ve been working at that same library full time for a little over 3 years and doing SJSU’s MLIS program part time. When I’m done with the degree, I’m not sure what I want to do but I’m interested in exploring academic or special libraries so that I can decide what I like best.

Outside of work and school, I read a copious amount of fiction and fantasy (both Y.A. and adult- Y.A. fantasy is highly underrated) and watch a lot of shows and movies. I also love hiking and jogging and being outdoors in general. Between my boyfriend and I, we have two cats, soon to be joined by a golden retriever puppy, which we are stoked about. I love plants and animals and the ultimate goal is to eventually have some land so that we can add chickens, goats and sheep (and possibly a llama? I don’t know anything about caring for llamas) into the mix.

I’m looking forward to the semester with all of you!

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7 thoughts on “287 Intro Post

  1. YA Lit is sooo good, and YA fantasy in particular. Any favorites you’ve read recently that you’d be willing to recommend? I’m waiting on the second installment of The Hazel Wood, which I enjoyed immensely.

    • Hi Naomi! I loved the Hazel Wood! I have #2 on my list as well. I read Holly Black’s final book in the Folk of the Air trilogy and loved it! If you haven’t read that series before, book 2 was only okay and felt like filler, but she is still a good writer and it’s worth reading. Books one and two were fantastic!

  2. Greetings @stephanyl – I am so excited about your puppy! Please post pics when possible. 🙂

    It’s very cool how you found your way to libraries. I also appreciate your goal to have land and animals.

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

  3. Hey @stephanyl nice to meet you! I love that you want to start your own little farm :)The lady who lives across the street from my parents has 2 llamas and they love to spit on people! The llamas, not my parents. The llamas also love to jump the fence (it’s only about 4ft high) and run down to the corner store. I had a goat as a child, they act just like dogs. It is sooo cute when the jump around. Just be careful, there are many plants that are toxic to them and they will try to eat everything!

    • Hi Kristen, nice to meet you too! I didn’t know llamas spit-I thought it was just camels! Goats are so darn cute. I did not know a lot of plants were poisonous to them either, thanks for letting me know!

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