Virtual Symposium – My Contribution!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Lauryn! This is definitely very aesthetically pleasing. I love the infographic look. You also focused on a really good topic. I work with teens and I find that their information landscape and how they access information is so different from ours and is constantly shifting. They adapt so quickly to new technologies and new access points. They are also such an important group to focus on in libraries. I think getting them involved with the community, with each other, and with original creation is so valuable. I especially loved your “Help Teens See the Light” section. So relevant and so necessary.

  2. @lsoccer12 I love that you really focused on teens for your infographic, as you have for your other posts. It not only shows what you’ve taken from the class, but how you are going to apply it in the future. Like shooting all the lessons through a teen-colored lens. Very cool! The infographic also looks amazing!


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