Rediscovering my “why” – Reflective Blogging #6

I lead a full life, a VERY full life. I mean that in the best way possible. It is full of fantastic things. I have four children, a happy spouse, and am part of multiple volunteering organizations that build my local community. I also started this MLIS program three years ago and just last month landed my dream job at our local elementary school. In a full life, I can often get caught in the trap of “just get it done”. Even when I want to put the extra thought and creativity into a project there is just often not enough time. I am sad to say that much of my MLIS work in the past three years has fallen into this category. With multiple young children clambering for my attention, I just need to get an assignment turned in. 

A typical week this October

But, this semester with the reflective blogging assignments, I have been able to find a freedom to explore ideas again. Knowing that the reflection was supposed to be my exploration of the ideas in the readings allowed me to relax and truly just read to explore once again. Instead of being stressed as I read, I found myself reading for discovery. I would allow myself to stare into space and think a bit or just sit with an idea and stay a while.  Instead of following strict word counts guidelines or a specific structure, I have allowed myself the freedom to just follow my own thoughts as I react to the readings. Doing this, I realize how rare this freedom has become in my life, but I remember feeling it before. Actually, I had that feeling every time I stepped into a library. In my past, when I walked into a library I could immediately feel the possibilities of discovery. As I wandered the stacks, I could pull out books to learn about parenting, finance, cooking, stock trading, gardening, home design, and so much more! This type of learning holds no requirements or word counts, I can read just to satisfy my own curiosity. 

I am so thankful to have rediscovered that feeling this semester while reading and writing the reflective blog posts. Having come to a library career late I am still searching to articulate exactly my own particular “why” for getting into libraries. This semester I realize that that feeling of discovery is my “why”. My biggest take away from Hyperlinked Libraries has been rediscovering the pure joy that libraries offer us all. I am so excited to work to make my library a place where kids find this sense of discovery.

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  1. Sarah, I so relate to your post. I am in my final year of my program and so much of it has been going through the paces. This class has had a similar effect on my perception of what my vocation can be once I have my degree – the joy that can be had from non-requisite discovery.
    Thank you for sharing your post.

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