1. Hi Sarah (@mettlsa),

    Your infographic is awesome! Technology can be complicated and difficult, but I’m glad you finished the semester with a positive connection with technology. Having a strong, foundational understanding of technology is important, and we as information professionals have a big role to play in making sure people receive the assistance or services they need with complicated technology out there.

    Thank you for a great, reflective piece!


  2. @mettlsa Great takeaways. I especially agree with your point about libraries needing to be a safe place to explore new technologies. People still look to libraries as information centers and also as trend-setters in a way. The mindset being, if the library is offering/using this product/service, it must be safe”. You’re right also about digital literacy being complicated. Trying to create Quick Start Guides and videos to help patrons learn how to use technologies and such from home is a struggle since we don’t know exactly where each person is starting from in terms of their familiarity with technology. It’s a trial-error-revise process, for sure.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was a wonderful journey from feeling cynical to amazement. Also, visually, really well done. I loved the line about questioning how you could be interested in something you withdrew from.

  4. Hi Sarah –
    Great key takeaways. I also share your concern on how to stay abreast of these topics once I leave school. I have set up feedly to follow many of the blogs this class used. I hope I can stay as well informed as Dr. Stephens.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi @mettlsa! This is a beautiful infographic — where/how did you create it?

    1. I have been exploring Pictochart this semester. I love their site and it has been really fun to learn to create something like an infographic.

      1. Got it. Thanks, @mettlsa!

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