Listening Stations (Director’s Brief)

Often when I am looking for a project I want the ‘perfect’ project that satisfies my BIG THREE. Specifically, it has to engage my target audience, offer a valuable learning opportunity, and needs only a low level of investment in both time and money. I do this in every part of my life. For instance, I don’t decorate cupcakes. Cupcakes will engage the audience on their own, eating extra sugar is not an activity I want to encourage, and working with frosting is messy and takes forever to achieve a good result. Kids will eat cupcakes anyway so decorating them is not worth my time. Now making vegetables more attractive is something I can get behind. Veggies eating is good for my people, offering a good veggie experience will teach that veggies are pleasant to eat, and chopping does not take a lot of time.

Searching for a project to present for this Director’s Brief reminded me of my BIG THREE because I had a hard time finding something that worked. I finally settled on The Listening Project a physical kit and app that makes gathering oral histories easy. The Listening Project engages children by offering them the unique experience to record their perspective in a professional way. Children learn interview skills, storytelling, audio and video production skills, post processing skills, and are given an outlet for working through the feelings surrounding the pandemic. There is also little investment in time or money since the kit can be shared and used for years to come on this and other projects.

I hope you are inspired by the Listening Project as I was!

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