For the symposium, I decided to make a collection of bookmarks highlighting some of the course’s catch-phrases. I’m especially inspired by the concepts of creating and making in the library in our daily lives. Libraries are for everyone. Playing and exploring is for everyone. No matter our ages, intellect, skills, abilities, or any of the other ways we try to measure the people around us. Learning is for everyone, both the patrons of our libraries and the staff members who support them. The library isn’t a building or its collection, it’s the combined knowledge and stories of the people who use them. I believe something that sets the Librarian apart from other disciplines is our desire to share. We have something we know is valuable, whether it is books, art, a hyperlink, or a story, and we want to share it with our communities.

The bookmarks don’t take up much space, but they hold some of my favorite takeaways from this class. I tried something new and outside of my comfort zone, so I’m proud of them. Working with the media in this class makes me want to try my hand at visual art: photography and picture books, here I come?

Feel free to print off for personal use! Below are the PDF versions if that’s helpful to anyone. Clicking on the title should bring it up in the browser if you don’t want to download to your device. 🙂