Hi, All!

Hi there everyone! I’m Rose Holck and I’m excited to be here learning with y’all. I’m from the beautiful PNW and I’m a librarian and technology teacher at a small private school. I love all things Star Trek and have an amazing husband and two awesome daughters who are in college as well.

Looking forward to a great semester!


5 thoughts on “Hi, All!

  1. @roseholck Greetings! I am all about the PNW right now… been watching YouTube videos of boaters on the Puget Sound and San Juans. I am hoping to visit in the spring if the world cooperates. Welcome to #hyperlib!

  2. Rose Holck says:

    Thank you @michael ! The Puget Sound is beautiful — I hope you are able to visit! We also have some of the best libraries in the country here in King County.

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