Director’s Brief: Connecting the UC Davis ModLab with Shields Library

Libraries in higher education are increasingly moving towards a participatory culture that emphasizes interaction with not only the physical space of the library, but also increased connectedness between students. This spirit of participation and active engagement with others is at the heart of the ModLab. According to the ModLab’s website, “the lab offers a dynamic and collaborative environment for post-disciplinary modes of research” (ModLab). Increasing communication and cooperation between Shields Library and the ModLab will be an important step towards creating a more participatory culture, and a place where students will want to come not just to read or study. At the same time, forming a connection with the library would benefit the ModLab by increasing access to physical space, should they be allowed to expand into the library or setup a second lab there, as well as drawing in additional interest and attention due to the more central location.

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