Final Reflection

I can’t believe this is my last blog post for the Hyperlinked Library. I think the thing I appreciate the most about this course is how many different aspects of the Hyperlinked Library we’ve covered: participatory service, new technologies, learning, global librarianship, transparency, and more. The whole wide world of the modern library. And so many great readings: Mattern’s (2014) Library as Infrastructure, West’s (2014) 21st Century Digital Divide, the different Office Hours, and The Heart of Librarianship (Stephens, 2015). To name just a few.

I really enjoyed Gershon’s (2017) The Future is Emotional as well. Gershon (2017) points out that emotional labor is undervalued and that teaching emotional skills has only really caught on with the training of doctors. With that in mind, it’s wonderful to see that emotional skills are valued by librarians. Stephens (2017) asked a workshop full of professional librarians what kind of skills and the type kind of mind set they would need to succeed as librarians, and the list of “librarian superpowers” included being open-minded, emotionally mature, playful, curious, happy, courageous, kind, a good listener, passionate, open, and empathetic. That is amazing. 

“Libraries encourage the heart, which means we should lead from the heart, learn from the heart, and play from the heart” (Stephens, n.d., 17:34). That pretty much sums up why I want to be a librarian.

Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors! And rest in peace, Dozer.


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