6 thoughts on “#hyperlib Symposium: Five Takeaways in About Five Minutes

  1. I commend you for trying a new platform for your Symposium Brief! It’s cool that you can integrate video into the slides with Panopto. I wanted to do something like that but didn’t know how to. So I ended up creating my slides and narrating them with Screencast-o-Matic. I appreciate your insights! Best of luck in the future!

    • @jenellheimbach Thank you! Panopto is pretty nice. Aside from some technical issues I had, I liked it. You can also edit your videos, which is nice. I edited out a big chunk of myself fiddling around with my computer as I transitioned to the first slide. Good luck to you too!

  2. Philip,
    This was a fun watch. I liked hearing about the library that switched from Dewey to a more community-relevant system. I did my director’s brief on switching from Dewey to a user-interest classification/organization scheme. It’s encouraging to see more and more libraries breaking from tradition in order to better serve their communities.

    Also, that was a surprise seeing a still from Glengarry Glen Ross. You modified it appropriately. The original scene could be used in librarian training — as an example of the exact opposite of how to interact with people! I remember first seeing the movie on VHS at my aunt’s house down in Southern California. I was middle school age at the time. I’d never seen anything so edgy before.

    • Hey @mjulrich,

      Thank you, I had fun making it. It is nice to see libraries making changes that benefit their users. And I’m glad someone besides me has seen Glengarry Glen Ross. I’d like to say the business world isn’t like that anymore, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

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