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  1. This sounds like a great program! I love how you emphasize reaching people where they are. The library where I work has a sound recording studio where people can create podcasts. However, the studio has really wonky hours based on staffing availability. I think a podcast kit would be a great way for people to create and share their voices one their own terms.

    • Thanks, Melina. MCL has a makerspace that I want to check out, but it’s kind of out of the way for me to stop by. That situation made me think of bringing the ‘space (or other resources!) to the users.

  2. Christine Barone

    I’m going to echo Melina that this sounds like a great program! I love that you thought about attracting teens to this program who may be looking for a new way to do a school project. I loved the way you presented your plan too. It’s colorful and visually appealing.

    • Thanks, Christine. I will say that this presentation-style caused more headache to create for this assignment than was probably worth it. But now I know!

  3. I love podcasts as a listener and I would love to offer something like this at our library. We get lots of interesting people visiting in the winter from all over the world and I thought it would be interesting to find out what brought them to our tiny town in the middle of nowhere…on the desk I have met professors, Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, writers as well as families that are living on the road for a year, PCT hikers, and more…I am going to bookmark this if you don’t mind, so I can have it as a resource down the road if we are able to do this at our branch.

    • That’s great, Cristin! I only just started listening to podcasts in the last few months and there is just so much to explore. I love the idea of interviewing people who visit your library. Please let me know if you end up creating a podcast. 🙂

  4. First, this the prettiest plan I’ve seen so far! Great design 🙂 Second, I love the idea of podcast kits. Podcasts seem to be here to stay, and they’re popular with teens at the high school I work at. This program could end up fostering kids with a love of presenting and podcasting that could end up steering them toward sound editing careers or something else unexpected!

    • Thanks, Jacqueline. I used Piktochart ( to create the slides.
      I could see how teens would especially love this medium. The podcasting world today reminds me of radio programs in the 1980s and 90s and how accessible they were to me as a teenager. Being able to create anything is empowering- is there a podcast club or anything like that at the school where you work?

      • There isn’t a podcast club, I just hear the kids talking about podcasts they like pretty frequently. A podcast club is a great idea though!

  5. I love the format of your action brief. It has a nice flow and design to it. Nice work!

  6. Michelle Sutor

    Great design on your post, and great idea! Podcast kits would work great in a school library as well – for class projects (journalism class, history class, anything class) as well as personal use.

    • I would guess that there are a lot of libraries out there that already have audio-recording equipment available to check out but could just re-brand it to attract more interest from users.

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