Hello folks!

My name is Marc, and I live in unceded Duwamish territory, sometimes referred to as Seattle. I started in the SJSU MLIS program in Fall 2019, and am planning to finish in Fall 2022; I’ve got a few more electives, my Research Methods required class (taking in the Spring), and the e-Portfolio (next Fall).

I first encountered Dr. Stephens’ concept of the hyperlinked library in my Information Communities class, and found its emphasis on ensuring libraries stay human- and user-centered community spaces even as new technologies and new user practices emerge really compelling. As an aspiring public librarian who is really committed to the notion of libraries as community hubs which enable users of different identities and needs to use, create, and share the resources they are seeking to grow and thrive, I am really interested in how libraries can change and adapt to better serve their communities through different technologies and new access models, while also ensuring the human experience stays central to our work. As a person of color, entering a field where there is little representation and sometimes shaky work around racial equity, I hold questions of social inequity and how they are either replicated or disrupted in libraries as institutions pretty central to my future work. 

Having grown up in the Do It Yourself/grassroots creative subcultural communities of indie music and zines and community activism, I’m also interested in nurturing non-traditional creative cultural communities, and participatory/collaborative practices. Coming out of school, I’d like to work somewhere in the intersection of public librarianship, community archival collection, and creative cultural programming both within and outside library systems, to support transformative social change. 

I’m looking forward to learning from and with you all. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Marc–It’s great that you’ll be bringing your background in community engagement and activism into the library world. We have a nice community Zine collection at one of the libraries where I work. That’s neat that you were involved with Zines in the past. Did you contribute artwork or writing or were you involved in some other way?


    • Marc Mazique says:

      Which libraries do you work at? I wrote my research paper for Information Communities on zine-makers as an information community, which touched on zine archives/collections at libraries and other spaces. I mostly wrote zines (poetry, journals, music reviews, political essays), since I’m not much of an artist.

  2. Eileen Wu says:

    Thanks for your post!
    I’m also interested in how libraries change and adapt especially with emerging technologies continually changing the landscape. Nice to meet you!


  3. Hello @marcmazique – I am thrilled the Hyperlinked bit in 200 lead you here and I am glad to read your background and interests. All of these things will serve you well as a soon to be information professional. Our field needs more activists!

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