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Learning Everywhere

on April 19, 2020

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The world is continuously developing, so we have to keep learning new things every day. Knowledge is everywhere. Therefore, learning is also everywhere. We have everything in our hands nowadays. I’m talking about technology and digital devices. We can use our mobile devices to get many things done. With mobile devices, we can check the weather, read books, watch lectures, do exercise, and submit homework. We can turn on or turn off the AC/heater system at home from work, or we can work from home on our digital devices, especially when we are in a lockdown at home. The libraries can look into these needs and host some classes to introduce apps or train people to use their smartphones.

Vangelova (2014) reported that many libraries make some changes to adapt to the rapid development of this age. At the library, there are not just quiet atmospheres, books, and tables but also attractive settings and new equipment, and students can engage, learn, have fun, and get the answers for their curiosity.

Stories are knowledge. I believe that stories are compelling. I used to hate history classes a lot. However, I loved one. I can still remember many, if not all, of what I learned from this history class, which I took almost ten years ago. The teacher told us many interesting historical stories amazingly, not just reported about the time marks and dry issues in the past. I didn’t even need to reread many times what he taught in the class, but I can vividly see his facial expressions and remember the stories that he told to convey the knowledge cleverly. That is how stories stay with us for a long time, if not forever. I appreciate that teacher of mine so much as he helped me learn a lot about history in the most fantastic way.

Another example is the benefits of telling bedtime stories. We can teach our young generations numerous things in a short time, not in a classroom, not during study time, but the bedtime story, the time that children will forever remember. Children will learn more vocabulary, social standards, animals, and even life lessons through stories, which enrich their minds and create family bonds.

This is an excellent TedxTalks video about learning by Megan Fahey, an outstanding storyteller. She shares her experience and stories, which explain why learning happens everywhere.

You can learn even while failing.

Credit: https://blog.red-badger.com/2017/3/15/are-you-learning-to-fail-or-failing-to-learn


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