3 – 2 – 1 Report! [Virtual Symposium]

This assignment was the perfect capstone to the material we have covered this semester. I have learned a lot and I believe that this 3 – 2 – 1 report is a decent shot at displaying that in a compact manner. There are a lot of ideas I have considered this semester and more that I still want to explore!

Thank you all for this semester and I hope you enjoy my report!



  • StarRose

    @nessmanpeter great job on your 3-2-1! The points you made about automation really resonated with me. Personally, if automation can cut out tasks that take us away from serving patrons and being in the moment, I’m all for it! I agree that we need to confront the issue head-on, see what automation means for us, and decide how we’re going to respond to it.

    • Peter N

      @starrose Totally agree. Automation, AI, and other burgeoning technology need to be explored to see how they best fit into the library space. The march of technological progression will continue to march on, important to find ways to ride those waves.

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