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Virtual Symposium

I made a video for my symposium, which was definitely a challenge. I’m not a fan of seeing myself on camera and I don’t think I’ve ever used iMovie before. I definitely ramble on camera and repeat myself – and I kept it all in because it’s messy and genuine, which I think are my two favorite takeaways from the Hyperlinked Library this semester.

3 responses to “Virtual Symposium

  1. Sharon Vigil ⋅

    Hi Michelle! I have to say you deserve a standing ovation for this video. I hate seeing myself on film and don’t think I could ever create a video like this. Just doing an audio presentation made me anxious! This video was so creative and clever. I enjoyed seeing clips of your workplace. Sounds like you have a very interesting job. The mini maker fair was really cool. Great job!!

  2. Sarah Ayers ⋅

    Thanks for taking a risk and creating this video. It’s nice to get both a snapshot of your life in LA and hear your thoughts about the Hyperlinked Library. Your thoughts about trying to connect with our users in a genuine way really an extension of creating a transparent organization and helping create meaningful experiences for our users.

  3. Jorge Garcia ⋅

    Hi @mshellykuryakin,
    Great job on the video! I, like you and Sharon, do not like recording myself as I feel that I do not come across well on video. I applaud you for overcoming that challenge and sharing with us. Like @michael mentioned it’s good to do something you are not comfortable with since the more you do it the easier it becomes. I thoroughly enjoyed the content as well, bravo!


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