I have been fascinated by The Library of Things for quite some time. When I found out about Tool Libraries and Repair Cafés I was even more jazzed. What’s better than a library service that actively promotes sustainability by offering solutions for repair instead of tossing an item in the trash? Almost nothing.

Anyway, here is my Director’s Brief.

  1. I really like your brief, @mollyp. I’m fascinated by the LoT, too, especially the sustainability component. Your point that a repair cafe should be part of a Tool Library program is well taken. It’s hard to imagine many libraries being willing to have a tool library due to the space concerns, but starting with a monthly or quarterly repair cafe could be a first step.

    1. Thank you @kaydaze2020! Many of the Tool Libraries I found are solo entities and not connected to the city’s public library system at all. Nonetheless, pretty cool and very useful! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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