Here We Go

Xochi and unnamed crow. Fort Funston, San Francisco, 2019.

My name is Michael Ulrich, and I’m about two-and-a-half years into my tenure with the San Francisco Public Library, where I currently work as a Library Assistant for my neighborhood branch. I imagine a long career with SFPL or other Bay Area libraries as a branch adult services librarian, but I’m open minded about specialization and I can definitely envision myself leading story times and singing songs to children. I’ve received plenty of encouragement from my coworkers, including many graduates of SJSU’s program.

I’m excited to delve more deeply into library services with my other two courses this semester, Children’s Programming and Services and Reference Services. I’m hoping this class will help me kind of see around the corner to what being a network-savvy librarian means, which I think will be important for my future in the field. I chose this course in part because it came highly recommended by a colleague, and also because I greatly enjoyed Info-200 with Stephens.

Over a decade ago, I graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Technocultural Studies–a program that has since been combined with UCD’s cinema program to form the much more straightforwardly named Department of Cinema and Digital Media. I also have a certificate in Library Information Technology from City College of San Francisco.

In my free time I play and record music in my little home studio, collect records (especially soul music from the 70s and 80s), read eclectically (mostly literature and cultural criticism), and hike along the trails of local and regional parks with my dog Xochi.