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Here is the first paragraph of my Director’s Brief introduction:

Adulting 101 classes are a current trend in academic libraries. In fact, many universities in Colorado have Adulting 101 classes, such as the University of Denver and the University of Colorado, Boulder (Brady, 2019). However, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Kraemer Family Library has yet to offer any such workshops on skills that could help students successfully transition into adult life. Part of UCCS’s vision is to “[provide] students with academically rigorous and life-enriching experiences in a vibrant university community” (Mission, Vision, & Values, n.d.). Adulting 101 classes have the potential to enrich students’ lives through gaining hands-on experience with skills that are necessary to thrive in adulthood. In addition, Adulting 101 classes can encourage students to visit the library and participate in library initiatives, which has the potential to build community on campus.

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